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| Environmental risk in China: Greatly enhanced capacity

Environmental risk in China: Greatly enhanced capacity

Oslo, 03.06.2016

With Cicero and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planners Vista Analysis has, for the last three years, cooperated with environmental planners in the three Chinese provinces Jiangsu, Anhui and Guizhou. An important objective has been to increase capacity among environmental planners in order to manage environmental risk in an improved way. The three provinces altogether have 175 million inhabitants. At the initiation of the project the planners' capacity was surveyed. At project’s end a second survey was carried out. The surveys suggest that the project has been very successful. Within the target group the share having high competence increased from 27 to 85 per cent. We are proud of what we have achieved, says project manager Haakon Vennemo. The evaluation report is here.