Real estate and construction

Real estate and construction are large economic sectors that have significant implications for urban development, settlement patterns, housing and industrial development, the climate and environment. The construction sector is strictly regulated and takes up a large part of the society's investment budget. Nearly half of a community's greenhouse gas emissions may in some way be linked to construction. This lays the basis for various forms of social scientific analysis, from environmental efficiency analysis to strictly economic analysis. Vista has implemented a large number of analyses along these lines, where we consider energy and environmental efficiency, as well as instruments. We conduct economic analyses of new “purpose buildings” such as the marine technology centre, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Tromsø Museum and newly built kindergartens. We also assist with city-centre planning, assessment of “city-packages” and green areas in the city. For technical-economic analysis of construction we often collaborate with the consulting firm WSP. For analyses of centre structure and urban development, we work with architectural firms.

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