Quality Control

Vista Analyse's quality control

The objective of Vista Analyse's quality policy is to provide services that satisfy the requirements determined in the timetable or working program of each project, or that the services provided are generally accepted and applied in the field where Vista Analyse operate.

When conducting the task the consultants in Vista Analyse will:

  • Work in accordance with the requirements determined in the work program/timetable.
  • Contribute so that the goal and boundaries will be clearly defined as early as possible.
  • Allocate time and resources in a way that is optimal for the task preformed.
  • Contribute so that the project organization and the communication between the client and consultant are appropriate with respect to the task preformed.
  • Present any new potential solutions and approaches to the client.
  • Limit the scope of the task and place the solutions in context.
  • Contribute to a positive environment that facilitates cooperation between the client and the consultant.

The general manager has the responsibility of designing, communicating and following-up the firm’s quality policy. The project leader has the responsibility of assuring that the promised level of quality is achieved in each project. The consultants working on each project and the project’s advisor have the responsibility of contributing to quality policy assurance.

On each project the general manager will define the group of consultants working there by appointing: 1) project manager 2) one or more project consultants 3) one project advisor:

  • The project manager has the executive responsibility for the disciplinary content and the budget and will also represent Vista Analysis in any correspondence with the client. The project manager will also keep the general manager in informed about the process and expenses of the project.
  • The consultants are chosen with respect to efficient implementation of the project as well as collecting a broad base of proficiency and experience.
  • The project advisor or quality assurer will perform the quality assurance, but will normally don’t take part in the actual implantation of the project. The task lying upon the advisor is to assure that the content is in accordance with how the task is defined in the proposal/work program. By applying certain milestones and carefully revising the project’s content the project advisor assures that the project’s content is in accordance with the quality assurance. The offer/work program is the first milestone for quality assurance.

The project advisor reports to the project manager, who revises the content based on these remarks. If the project manager and advisor disagree the general manager will be involved.

As is customary in this field, the final work is presented as a written report. This should include a reproduction of the mandate and demands on the part of the consultants, and provide evidence of how these demands are met.

Comments on completion of the task are directed to the project manager, and sometimes also the project advisor. If there are disagreements concerning whether the job is done in accordance to the contract, the general manager will be involved.

Failure to qualify for quality assurance is normally dealt with by improving or reforming the written material and adding methodology. Additional conversations between the client and consultants are another option. Internally the failure to qualify is dealt with by the project group and/or a bigger group of consultants.

Documents will be filed in the project leader’s archive. Back-up is done by the project leader and project consultants. Minutes and reports are distributed in accordance with an address list composed by the client.

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