The environmental dimension of economic development is growing in importance. The staff at Vista Analyse are highly experienced in the integration of environmental impact values in economic analyses, to improve the basis for decisions and trade-offs.

In recent years, the ecosystem service approach has often been used to survey and map which goods and services provided from nature that contribute to human welfare. The ecosystem service approach is useful to structure which goods and services that for example are affected by various interventions, bringing out the different service flows associated with different geographical areas. The approach is well-connected with welfare economics and therefore well suited to be used in economic analyses. We are highly experienced in using this approach for assessment and non-market valuation of environmental impacts in economic analyses. We have several projects working to operationalize and refine the ecosystem service approach for practical use in project and policy assessment.

Vista Analyse knows the whole range of environmental impact assessment and valuation tools, from more structured, qualitative approaches to more quantitative assessment using direct and indirect valuation methods. We especially work on methods for non-market valuation and also know well various methods for treating residual impacts as un-priced in economic analyses. Vista is regularly involved in revising and updating various handbooks and guidelines for government bodies, based on R&D projects developing and refining methods and through practical applications of economic analyses of government policies and projects. Our staff also participate actively in academic research projects, among other through the projects Coast-Benefit and Nordic WelfAir.

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