Åsmund Sunde Valseth

Åsmund Sunde Valseth is a former head of section at NVE and senior adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. He holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Oslo.

From the NVE and the Ministry of Finance, Åsmund has in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian state administration. When he worked in the finance department, Åsmund was responsible for the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in matters such as budget processes and in preparing cases for the government. He has worked extensively with the Ministry of Climate and Environment, including taking part in the Secretariat for the Technical Calculation Committee for Climate Policy. Furthermore, Åsmund knows the energy authorities particularly well as the former head of the power system section in NVE. He has had a lot of contact with Statnett, which he also knows from the KUBE project during his studies.

Åsmund has worked extensively on issues within energy and climate. In the Ministry of Finance, he worked with KVU Haugalandet, KVU Nyhamna and the power cables to Germany and the UK, as well as dealing with a number of power licenses. He has worked with several EU directives and participated in an inter-ministral working-group on EEA relevance. As head of the power systems section in NVE, he participated in the treatment of Northconnect, connection of Troll B/C and Oseberg to Kollsnes, KVU for the Bergen area and the Hamang-Bærum-Smestad power line. The section consisted of both civil engineers and economists, and the section was especially skilled in analyses using power market models.

From the tax economics department, Åsmund has extensive knowledge on petroleum taxation, as well as other areas of resource rent taxation, in addition to corporate taxation more generally. Among other things, he was responsible for assessing the neutrality characteristics of the petroleum tax, through the calculation of the companies' share of investment costs. He also participated in several processes pursuant to the Petroleum Act.

Åsmund has a lot of teaching experience from work as a lecturer and seminar leader at the University of Oslo, mainly in microeconomics.

Publications by Åsmund Sunde Valseth:
NameÅsmund Sunde Valseth
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