Vista Analysis is a social science consultancy with its main emphasis on economic research, policy analysis and advice, and evaluations.

We carry out projects to the highest professional standards, with independence and integrity. Our key thematic areas include climate change, environment, energy, transport, urban planning, welfare issues, public finance and international development.

Vista Research

Staff at Vista contribute regularly to academic research within economics and related fields. Our aim is to provide policy analyses and consulting advice based on methods from the latest research and that our research responds to the knowledge needs of the private and public sectors. In that way our work in these areas cross-fertilise each other. Vista Research.


  • Vista søker nye medarbeidere med erfaring
    Oslo, 25.05.2020
    Nye muligheter under korona? Vista Analyse søker medarbeidere med erfaring Vista Analyse er et forskningsbasert utredningsmiljø i rivende... Read More »


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