Haakon Vennemo

Haakon Vennemo, PhD and Professor, is an expert in environmental economics, energy economics and development issues, with a broad knowledge of macro and micro-economics in general. He has project experience from a large number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin-America and is an experienced project manager as well as participant. In China he has a continuous project experience since 1996.

Haakon is also engaged in domestic Norwegian policy issues, where he primarily does economic analysis of options and policy suggestions of interest to the public and private sector; market analysis and evaluations. Energy, environment and welfare issues are important in his background, but he has a broad interest and has conducted work in a large number of areas. All in all Haakon has taken part in several hundred policy research projects, and has been project manager in about a hundred. He is also a very experienced quality controller. Haakon has been frequently used as quality controller on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Norwegian state grid Statnett.

Haakon Vennemo has strong academic credentials and about 30 referee journal publications. He is Adjunct Professor of Economics at Oslo&Akershus University College

Publications by Haakon Vennemo: