Photo: Uganda Ministry of Finance (Twitter)

Vista has contributed to Charter for Fiscal Responsibility in Uganda

Oslo, 02.12.2022

In the future, Uganda may receive large oil revenues. Together with former Secretary General of the Norwegian Ministry of Finance Tore Eriksen, Vista Analyse' CEO Haakon Vennemo has assisted the Ministry of Finance in Uganda in drawing up a fiscal rule for the use of revenues. This has resulted in a Charter for Fiscal Responsibility, which has now been embedded by law and was recently presented at a conference in Kampala with 200 centrally located participants. Haakon attended the conference.

The work to produce the charter and the fiscal rule was organised around workshops, which took place physically in Uganda outside the pandemic period. During the pandemic period, they were held as webinars. From the Ministry of Finance in Uganda, large parts of the Macroeconomic Policy Department participated. At some of the meetings, others were involved, including the Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

The results of the project is arguably better than expected. It is rare for capacity-building projects of this type to lead to decisions at parliament level and new legislation.

A report from the conference can be found here.

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