Two new projects on the effects of high power prices

Oslo, 31.01.2023

Vista Analyse has acquired two new projects dealing with instruments to combat high power prices.

For the Norwegian State Housing Bank, we will prepare a knowledge base on possible compensation schemes for high prices aimed at households, especially the economically disadvantaged. In addition to a discussion of various ways of designing the compensation scheme, we will review relevant research literature and provide an overview of the compensation schemes that have been introduced in other countries.

For Nordic Energy Research, we will map how the Nordic countries have implemented the crisis measures in the EU Commission's Regulation of 6 October 2022. Furthermore, we will analyse how these measures will affect the Nordic power market, particularly investments. In this project, the focus is on the wholesale market.

We are looking forward to two exciting projects on a current topic," says project manager Orvika Rosnes. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experienceGDPR