| Study of benefits management in public investment projects

Study of benefits management in public investment projects

Oslo, 12.09.2018

Norway has a long-standing quality assurance scheme for major public investment projects. The quality assurance scheme has proved effective in preventing cost overruns, but less attention has been given to ensuring that project benefits are realized as planned, in particular less tangible project outcomes and impacts. During implementation, investment projects are often changed or amended to such an extent that the originally planned benefits become untenable.

Vista Analysis is now undertaking a research project financed by the NTNU Concept-program, which provides ongoing research related to the Norwegian quality assurance scheme. We will develop an analytical framework based on international best practices to assess benefit management in public investment projects in Norway. The research project is carried out in collaboration with WSP.

“We are very happy to have received this assignment, which we believe will be of great interest to researchers as well as practitioners”, says Vista Analysis partner Eivind Tandberg, who heads the project.

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