New project: Flexible energy solutions for heating in buildings

Oslo, 24.05.2023

High power prices and potential shortages of electricity in the future provide a motivation for using other heating solutions. Given that you have an energy-flexible solution for heat distribution, you can use different energy carriers (electricity, bio-oil, biomass or heat pumps) to produce the heat. But this flexibility comes at a cost, in the form of increased investment and land use costs and higher future operating and maintenance costs.

We shall, on behalf of the Norwegian Building Authority, study the effects of possible changes in the requirements of building legislation. The project is a collaboration between Vista Analyse and Asplan Viak. Vista Analyse will be responsible for socio-economic assessments of changing the requirements for energy-flexible heating in different types of buildings.

- It's important to balance the benefits and costs of regulatory changes. Although high power prices have highlighted the advantages of having alternative heating sources, it is not a given that this should be a requirement for everyone. It will be exciting to investigate this further, says project manager Orvika Rosnes. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experienceGDPR