Vista Analysis is a social science consultancy with its main emphasis on economic research, policy analysis and advice, and evaluations. We carry out projects to the highest professional standards, with independence and integrity. Our key thematic areas include climate change, energy, transport, urban planning and welfare issues.

Our employees have high academic credentials and broad experience within consulting. When needed we utilise an extensive network of companies and resource persons nationally and internationally. The company is fully employee-owned.

  • Environmental risk in China: Greatly enhanced capacity

    Oslo, 03.06.2016

    With Cicero and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planners Vista Analysis has, for the last three years, cooperated with environmental planners in the three Chinese provinces Jiangsu, Anhui and Guizhou. An important objective has been to increase capacity among environmental planners in order to manage environmental risk in an improved way. The three provinces altogether have 175 million inhabitants. At the initiation of the project the planners' capacity was surveyed. At project’s end a second survey was carried out. The surveys suggest that the project has been very successful. Within the target group the share having high competence increased from 27 to 85 per cent. We are proud of what we have achieved, says project manager Haakon Vennemo. The evaluation report is here.

  • Vista advises the Chinese government

    Oslo, 30.05.2016

    Environmental risk – the risk of damage from chronic and acute environmental pressures – is a huge problem in China. Along with Cicero, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning and environmental planners in three Chinese provinces Vista Analysis has worked out a road map and framework for managing and reducing environmental risk in the country. The framework has been successfully tested in participating provinces. – It is now important that the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China requests provinces and cities around the country to make use of the framework. That is our most important advice to the Chinese government, say the two project managers Yu Fang and Haakon Vennemo. The framework is here. Policy recommendations here.

    The picture shows participants at the final conference in Beijing.

  • Vista contributes to climate adaptation in Vietnam

    Oslo, 13.05.2016

    Vietnam is one of the countries in the world most vulnerable to climate change in the form of typhoons and floods. Vista Analysis recently entered an agreement to work on climate adaptation in the country. We will analyze how the poorest segments of the local population can be encouraged to reinforce their dwellings. We work in the city of Danang along with the Womens’ Union and other organizations. May 12th an inception workshop was held of more than 60 participants. Henrik Lindhjem, Sofie Skjeflo and Haakon Vennemo participated on behalf of Vista.

    Read about the workshop on the website of CCCO (only in Vietnamese at this moment ;) )

  • Vista working towards saving China’s remaining biodiversity

    Oslo, 05.04.2016

    Vista is currently contributing to the Sino-Norwegian project on “Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Ecosystem Values into Policy-making in China”. The project is managed by the Norwegian Environmental Agency in cooperation with the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences. Henrik Lindhjem recently presented a report on Norwegian and European experiences at a workshop in Beijing 31. March 2016. The project aims both to estimate the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services in a number of counties in China and find ways to incentivise local governments to strengthen environmental management. GDP is now being supplemented with environmental indicators in China to assess the performance of local governments.
    Download report.

  • China Council for International Cooperation on Environmental and Development (CCICED)

    Oslo, 12.02.2016

    China Council for International Cooperation on Environmental and Development (CCICED) is a high level advisory body in the field of environment and development that reports to the Chinese government. A special study group in CCICED recently completed a report on managing environmental risk in China. Haakon Vennemo of Vista Analysis was a member of the study group.

    The report can be downloaded here.

  • High values of landscape experiences

    Oslo, 23.10.2015

    Vista, in cooperation with Aarhus University, has an ongoing project for the Nordic Council of Ministers on the values of landscape experiences as a cultural ecosystem service. Given the large landscape changes the Nordic countries are undergoing, for example due to energy infrastructure, there is a need to find ways to include people’s preferences and the value of landscape impacts in policy assessments and decision-making processes. The report from the first phase documents that such values are high, but often ignored. Currently, the project continues in a second phase investigating how to include them in practical case studies.

  • Green space in Oslo worth billions!

    Oslo, 01.07.2015

    Many interesting things can be said about Oslo, the capital of Norway: It was founded one thousand years ago by Vikings, it is a relatively small and cosy city of about 650 000 inhabitants – but with the buzz of a bigger city due to its position as Norway’s biggest city and capital, it is allegedly the fastest growing metropolitan area in Europe these days, and it has green spaces within the city limits worth billions of Euros. Read the full blog about Oslo's natural capital here.

  • Workshop on environmental risk in Anshun (Guizhou), China

    Oslo, 27.05.2015

    On 20-21 May, Chinese Academy of Environmental Planing and Vista Analysis conducted a workshop on environmental risk in Anshun, Guizhou China. The workwshop was part of a three year bilateral coopperation project. Prior to the workshop, environmental institutions of two pilot provinces (Jiangsu, Guizhou) and two pilot cities (Anshun, Tongling), had tested a framework for mapping environmental riks at county and city/prefecture level. 

  • China Council takes Environmental Risk project one step further

    Oslo, 18.05.2015

    China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development is a high-level body that delivers policy advice to the Chinese Premier Minister Li Keqiang.  One of the China Council activities in 2015 is a Special Study on eco-environmental risk. On account of their roles as Project Managers in the Vista-CICERO-CAEP project on environmental risk, Haakon Vennemo of Vista and Yu Fang of CAEP has been elected members of the Special Study Team.

  • International best practice for managing environmental risk documented

    Oslo, 10.05.2015

    Pollution of water, soil and air, as well as other problems such as loss of biodiversity, have in common that they increase the risk of harm to humans and the ecology - environmental risk. Vista and CICERO have issued a bilingual (English-Chinese) report that surveys international experiences with the management of environmental risk, aimed for a Chinese audience. The report is part of a bilateral cooperation project between Vista, CICERO and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.

    Read more »

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